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Ryda Damascus Chef Knife 200mm

189,00 €   169,10 €   -11%
incl. 24 % VAT

Prototype Ryda Knives Chef knife 8 inch ST650 greenThis chef knife is a pure craft from the blade to the end of the handle. It is flexible and is designed for you to be one with the knife in the kitchen. The core of the blade is a ST650 powder steel and has a hardness of 62-63HRC. The other bearings are made of stainless steel 316/316l and together they have been vacuum-treated. This means that the sharpness lasts a long time and maintains a scale of N7-N8 for a long time with easier knife care. The handle is made of olive wood and brass.8 inch (20,5cm) Blade73 layers damascus36×2 layers 316/316L stainless steel1 core layer ST650 powder steel62/63 HRC15% angle grind both sidesVacuum heat treatmentOlive wood handleST650 powder steel is a new steel type me and my partners have developed. ST650 powder steel is tested with the ISO 29581-2 / SP0653 /SP1494 standardsC 1,32Si 0,4P 0,029Cr 13,1V 3,1Mn 0,39Co 0,12Nb 0,47Mo 2,0W 1,0

“We have many partners that are helping us in making our knifes. This dream would have been impossible if it were not for our amazing partners. Like our partners in China that make our hand made blades. And our local grind master here in Sweden that we collaborate with to make sure the blades get the perfect grind.”

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